Why should I spend my precious time and hard-earned money on this movie?

Because it's awesome? Perhaps I can elaborate: because it packs in more truth and honesty than a mainstream film in just 75 short minutes, focuses on the characters as real living breathing people rather than 'idea delivery devices', does it in a straightforward, naturalistic way without resort to 'shock' content. It's also cheaper than a regular movie and once you buy a copy you OWN it. That means you can do whatever you want with it; we don't believe in the concept of intellectual property.

What sort of style is it? What other movies would you compare it to?

It's fun to do an "X meets Y" pitch, so here goes... It's Stolen Kisses (Truffaut) meets They All Laughed (Bogdanovich), as filmed by Eric Rohmer.

Regarding the answer above... I don't know any of those movies. Is that bad?

Life is busy; we can't know everything. It was just a fancy way of saying that it's a light-hearted movie about fallible humans, that will make you a little bit sad and a little bit giddy at times. You should check out those other movies/directors though, they are fantastic!

From the trailer, it seems like this might have a little political bent to it. Are you preachy?

I'd like all my characters to be able to present their cases, even if I disagree strongly with them. The point is not identifying "good" guys who can do no wrong against "bad" guys who are 100% pure evil, but characters who are competent and honest in some cases and inconsistent or immoral in others. But like I've said elsewhere, the focus is on the peoples' personal lives and mostly their romantic and/or aesthetic foibles, not on agitprop. This is what some derisively (but I lovingly) call "bourgeoisie cinema".

What is the goal of the movie?

To entertain you and get you involved in the characters' lives enough that you reflect on how their concerns intersect with and illuminate your own. Also to carry on the tradition of serious arthouse films that invite an audience to participate with concentration and effort rather than passively being told what to think, and doing so in the most elegant and stylish way possible.

Why do you make this type of movie? Are you some sort of indie film snob?

I like a lot of different flavors of cinema, but I have always felt underwhelmed and cheated with "event" films, and it seems that with the passing of a lot of great directors of yesteryear the opposite type of movie too often gives in to a nihilistic and purposefully ugly bent.

Typically when an entrepreneur sees a lack of supply in a niche market he tries to fill it. Since the attempt to please everyone usually means you end up pleasing no one, I first look at what brings me immense joy and pleasure, and then I try to carry it out honestly in a way other people with similar interests may appreciate it.

To use an analogy, think of someone getting into wine tasting. When they start out, they might love a nice cheap table wine, and upon trying a very expensive older wine think that it is harsh and too complex and not worth the money. But with a little time and effort to develop their palate, they can get more joy out of the fine wine than they ever could from the table wine (which does not make the table wine bad, on the contrary, they are different pleasures).

Like so many other things in life, what you get out of an experience can be enhanced by the effort you put into it. That's not to say that you need to watch a million obscure movies to get any references in this one, or that I am going to go out of my way to bore you. It means that I am going to try to go beyond the standard formula to give you something a little special and personal.

Finally, please note that we do not make the distinction between commercial and non-commercial movies. Who wouldn't want their movie to be a commercial success? Nearly all the great artists that I admire enjoyed great commercial success.

What tradition is this in, and who works in this genre/flavor now?

This is a type of particular naturalism, character-driven style. I find three older French directors to be the best examples of this: Eric Rohmer, Maurice Pialat, and Jacques Rozier. Of filmmakers still working, the Dardenne brothers and Cristi Puiu. These are pretty arbitrary and really no one self-identifies this as some kind of genre. They are still close enough kin with the fantastic golden age Hollywood work of Frank Capra.

How was it funded?

The movie was privately funded. The cast and crew all worked for the pleasure and the experience (bless them). We believe it is immoral to accept "public" funding via the coercive force of the state, and again look back to the time when the giants of world cinema were fully capable of undertaking their work at the behest of the marketplace. We should only be so lucky in the future. Without kissing and telling, this movie was done on a very low budget.

What's your stance on intellectual property / copyright?

An artificial and limiting concept! Please check out Against Intellectual Monopoly by Boldrine & Levine, and Against Intellectual Property by Kinsella. Our movie is under the creative commons, and once you purchase a copy you own that copy and can do with it as you please. It would be really cool if you credited us as the creators and put a link to our website though.

I want to show your movie at my event / organization. How do I do that?

You can buy a copy from the store and take it from there. If you are looking for a high quality master copy then you can get in touch to discuss pricing. We'd love to help promote it and take part in any way we can, so go to the Contact page and get in touch!